The Story Behind Mold Monster

Smell the memories......

Nothing brings you back to childhood like the smell of cookies baking or bacon frying on a Sunday morning.  For the founders of Mold Monster, a special smell brings them back to the fond days of their childhood.  Being avid hockey players from a young age, the smell of a well traveled hockey bag makes them smile while everyone else around them cringes.  To this day our hockey bags still have to be left outside because our wives are yelling at us.  This was the birth of Mold Monster, the all natural solution to mold and bacteria that makes that "special" stench on everyone's sports gear.  

We found a way to make our wives happy and we can now bring our bags inside!  We came up with a proprietary blend of surfactants and all natural tea tree oil to safely kill mold and bacteria that creates that special stench.  Tea tree oil is derived from the melaleuca plant, native to Australia, using steam distillation. This is the only safe alternative to bleach on the market today.  It is perfect  for all those impossible to clean cracks and crevices in all your equipment.  It's a no rinse spray on emulsification that you apply and it goes to work, eliminating any mold and bacteria that grows after a long day of practice or the big game. Mold Monster will destroy 99% of mold and bacteria that is created from your sweat and body oils using only tea tree oil.  Finally your equipment is safe, fresh and best of all, inside, so your skates will always be warm.